Lake Greenwood WTP & Raw Water Awarded ACEC-SC 2024 Engineering Excellence Award

ACEC LakeGreenwood

We are thrilled to share that the Lake Greenwood Water Treatment Plant and Raw Water Intake project has received a 2024 Engineering Excellence Award. The ACEC-SC Engineering Excellence Awards highlight and celebrate the most exceptional engineering accomplishments of the year, which emphasize innovation, complexity, achievement, and value. We are honored to receive this recognition from ACEC-SC and proud the team’s commitment to delivering an exceptional project for our community.

This Greenfield facility stands as one of the most substantial capital projects ever undertaken in Laurens County, demonstrating LCWSC’s long-term commitment to improving water quality for its community, a mission that traces back to the 1980s. Originally slated to focus on a reservoir on Lake Rabon as the raw water source, the project’s focus shifted to Lake Greenwood due to its strategic location, size, and enduring benefits for the community.

Thanks to the collaborative design process between Harper, GMC, and Laurens County, the facility now stands as a testament to innovation and forward-thinking in water infrastructure. This facility is dedicated to treating and providing clean, great-tasting drinking water to the residents of Laurens County, embodying LCWSC’s commitment to the well-being of the community. We extend our gratitude to our project teams, safety support teams, and dynamic project partners. We are thankful for the trust LCWSC has placed in us to construct their award-winning facility.

For more information, watch our video on how this project came to life and what it means for LCWSC here.

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