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No matter which of our divisions you work with, you can expect a smooth, well-managed project from start to finish–all while remaining on time and on budget. We bring together the best in experience, technology, and client service to deliver the high-quality results our clients deserve and have come to expect.

The Harper Approach is centered around one core element – trust. Trust is the foundation upon which we build relationships with our clients, design partners, trade partners, vendors, and community.


Our Expertise

We have been instrumental over the years in educating and working with our clients on Alternative Delivery Methods, including Construction Manager At-Risk and Design-Build. Our process involves sitting down with our clients to discuss how these methods could be applied to their project and explain how these methods are successfully leveraged in similar markets.

Construction Manager At-Risk and Design-Build procurement approaches are two of the most well-known approaches allowing the utilization of advanced project planning tools that can aid in a projects cost, quality, and schedule. With Harper’s experience, we have the resources to help our partners evaluate the best method for our clients.


Harper has a strong in-house Construction Technology team that focuses on applying a variety of technology to each phase of construction in order to enhance efficiency, productivity, safety, and quality.

During the preconstruction process, we use 3D estimating to efficiently develop accurate take-offs of the building design and provide constructability reviews. When using 3D Design Models in OAC & design meetings, we evaluate “on-the-fly” design decisions to see the immediate impacts to the project budget.

Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination support generates highly accurate models to detect clashes before they occur in the field, giving our project teams the information to make important decisions early. When we arrive in the field, we apply a myriad of technologies – including reality capture, field layout, advanced analytics with drones, total stations, laser scanners, and 360 cameras – to support our teams.  These and other innovative methods ensure our Harper project teams are equipped with the right tools for our jobs.

Harper utilizes Procore, a web-based management platform, to collaborate, store information, and manage updates, creating one source of truth regarding design documents, budget, and schedule for the project management and design team. Owners and the project team have 24/7 access to see and review all pertinent information concerning the project status and schedule. Our management processes are built around utilization of Procore which is accessible to all members of the project team including owner, design team, commissioning agent, other design consultants, and our trade partners. The system provides a single source of access for all project documents, project models, project cost, submittals, shop drawings, meeting minutes, inspections, and closeouts.


Our HarperXS division is our primary response team for maintenance concerns and needs for our clients. Our approach to maintenance contracts is listening to our client’s needs and constraints and working hard to create a unique service package that fits their facilities and budgets. We are quick to respond with cost-effective solutions to meet needs. We also offer maintenance services in both our Commercial and Environmental Services Divisions.

HarperXS is our dedicated team for maintenance and emergency response.  We provide emergency response services, including nights and weekends, for any unplanned maintenance or repairs to your system. We are able to provide on-the-site pricing and timeframe to expedite repairs while allowing you to estimate cost and downtime. We understand emergencies not only cost money, but can attract local attention, so we use our expertise to minimize cost and schedule.


With 73 years of experience in the Carolinas, we have extensive knowledge of the local subconsultant market. We have great relationships with subs throughout the region, making us a preferred team to work with on projects. Our upstate reputation allows us to be selective in which subconsultants we bring on for any given project, and allows us to prioritize competitive and cost-effective relationships. 

Harper is actively involved and invested in furthering MWBE efforts and outreach and regularly conducts outreach sessions to encourage MWBE firms to participate as our trade partners in both public and private projects. Working with the Minority Economic Development Institute (MEDI) located in the Upstate of SC, our hope is to establish a business relationship that reaches well past individual projects, providing MWBE firms the opportunity of continued business through working with Harper.

To ensure the successful delivery of an upcoming project, Harper provides a thorough and systematic preconstruction process for owners leveraging the selected procurement methods. Each of our divisions has a large preconstruction team and we involve our operations staff in this process to make the transition to construction as seamless as possible. Our preconstruction services are one of the most significant benefits of alternative delivery construction by providing the ownership team with additional planning tools and services to ensure on-time project delivery within the desired budget. Our preconstruction services set us apart as a construction partner and we have a robust set of tools, technology, and resources to maximize the chances of your project’s success.


Harper’s philosophy on self-perform versus subcontracted work has always been “do what we’re best at.” For self-perform work, we have strategically recruited and successfully trained the best tradespeople in the industry to ensure quality workmanship at a best value for our clients. Our teams receive regular OSHA training and have access to quarterly safety and means and methods workshops. Our people are the difference and we believe in the value of investing in our teams. 

We also work hard to include local workers in every project. Bringing local Harper employees to your job reduces project costs by eliminating the need for accommodations. This approach feeds your economy and keeps our team close to home. The project team also has more stake in the project when the facility they are building serves their friends and family.

Harper continues to lead our region in the sustainability movement by focusing on education and collaboration at all levels of the building process. Our expertise applies to preconstruction, construction, material management, commissioning, systems analysis, and life-cycle costs. Harper has contracted over $300 million in sustainable construction projects, including LEED-Certified and Green Globe projects. Harper’s involvement in the City of Seneca’s Water Treatment Plant Upgrades helped the project in earning the first Silver Envision Certification in the Carolinas.

Value Engineering

Value management and engineering are systematic methods Harper utilizes to strike the appropriate balance between cost-effective construction means, methods, and materials while maximizing the form, function, and quality of a project. By leveraging these methods and tools appropriately, the likelihood of a successful project is increased. At Harper, we invest heavily in our preconstruction team, tools, and technology which further enhances our value management approach, and bolsters your team’s likelihood of a successful project.

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