Lake Greenwood Water Treatment Plant & Raw Water Intake

Waterloo, SC

Laurens County
Delivery Method
CM At-Risk

Project Description

This unique Greenfield facility exemplifies the tremendous synergy that the Harper and design team share. The scope of work at the 9MGD raw water intake pump station includes passive intake screens, raw water intake pumps, a pre-engineered metal building, and significant marine work. At the 4MGD water treatment plant, Harper installed an ozone generation and pretreatment system, Super P sedimentation system, Greenleaf filtration system, two pre-stressed clearwells, high service pump station, administrative building, and all associated chemical feed facilities. Through the collaborative design process between Harper, GMC, and Laurens County, the plant treats and provides clean, good-tasting drinking water to Laurens County.

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  • The Suez equipment package is a complex, proprietary system that is not seen in many plants in the Southeast. Harper and the design team partnered to incorporate their knowledge into the design and their production timelines into the schedule. This approach saved time and money for the owner and led to a successful integration at the plant.


  • 2024 ACEC Engineering Excellence Winner, Water Resources
  • 2022 Carolinas AGC Pinnacle Award Winner