Celebrating Women in Construction Week at Harper

Thought Leadership

This past week, our female colleagues got together to celebrate Women in Construction Week. We are incredibly proud of the achievements and talents of all the amazing women who work with us. Their passion and knowledge are truly inspiring and play a vital role in shaping the future of our industry. Some of our teammates shared the following reflections on their roles in the industry:

RV“I enjoy working in construction because it allows me to use different aspects of my technical skills and personal attributes to manage a project from start to finish. It is so rewarding to know I played a big role in turning a piece of land or an old facility into a building or piece of infrastructure that will serve the community for decades to come. As a women Project Manager, I make a difference by not only using my expertise in civil engineering and construction management; but by also using my softer skills in collaboration, adaptability, nurturing, training, and emotional intelligence to help create great teams that work together to build complex construction structures. The industry is not always easy and welcoming to women, but I hope that my experience can one day inspire more women and show them that it can be a possibility for them too – if they have a heart for it.” – Claudyne Vilfrant, PMP, Project Manager

Harper Day“It’s been really awesome to see so many more women come into this field who are excelling and being valued. It’s been empowering to see it become a normal thing and to see the men I work with be open and supportive of their female colleagues. When we are able to support and back each other regardless of gender or other differences, it allows us each to give our best and all of us to enjoy even more success together! Even early on, I wanted to be good at what I did or my role, period – not just good for a girl.” – Kate Dotten-Holder, PE, Regional Director, Charlotte 

WesleyGrant RibbonCutting“What captivates me about construction is its nature as a multifaceted puzzle. This isn’t your standard puzzle; it’s three-dimensional and conceptual, with pieces consisting of time, budget, design, location, materials, quality, sequencing of installation, and then there’s the human element. I revel in the challenge of entering a job site and breaking through societal expectations, proving that not only can a woman lead a project, but she can also master the tools of the trade, knowing each by name and how to wield them effectively. Beyond the satisfaction of solving this complex puzzle, there’s an immense sense of pride and accomplishment when the project is complete and begins to serve the community. Watching a concept transform into a functional space that benefits others adds a profound layer of fulfillment to the work we do.” – Ewa Parker, Project Manager

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