The Children’s Museum of the Upstate

Greenville, SC

The Children's Museum of the Upstate
Delivery Method

Project Description

Harper was called to the table with The Children’s Museum because of the trust built by the general team back in 2007 and 2008. Harper built out the interior of The Children’s Museum years ago. HarperXS gets the opportunity to maintain the relationship.  

The Children’s Museum reached out to HarperXS with multiple projects in mind, some with hard deadlines. They were having sound issues near their offices, egress issues at their check-in and had an exhibit to change. We were able to provide three separate proposals with a discount is all three were taken. They combined most of the proposals into one job.  

The three projects were:  

  1. Three new offices that needed to be close to soundproof. They have a conference room with DIRTT walls that was not being utilized. We took down the DIRTT wall and install stud walls with drywall to create three offices for them. We also added insulation above the ACT, we took the sheet rock to the deck on the wall that shared a wall with the museum side. 
  2. We took out a garage door in their Garage Band Exhibit and added a new wall with a new store front window.  
  3. We relocated a door from there store to behind their check-in. 

This project had a few challenges. Schedule was one of the biggest challenges. Everything had to be done before spring break, where they have an influx of patrons. They also wanted to keep the fire alarm scope of work under their management. This created an issue, because when we went to get our final inspection, the fire alarm subcontractor had never pulled permits. Harper XS completed the project significantly ahead of schedule but had to wait for their permits to be approved for final inspection to be approved. The owner was very satisfied with the overall projects.