Renewable Water Resources Memorial Garden

Greenville, SC

Renewable Water Resources
Delivery Method

Project Description

In 2023, Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), one of the most established wastewater systems in the Upstate, engaged Harper General Contractors (Harper) in partnership with design firm KCI Technologies (KCI) to design and construct a memorial garden located in the heart of their redeveloped wastewater treatment plant site. A local subcontractor, Waterspirit, led the design for the water feature scope, but ReWa opted for a more flexible approach using an Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC), where Harper was enlisted to integrate Waterspirit into the IDC framework to complete the scope.

This memorial garden serves as a sanctuary dedicated to commemorating ReWa’s Board of Commissioners for the past 100 years (1925 – 2025). The water feature within the garden is supplied with recycled water from ReWa’s Mauldin Road Water Reclamation facility, offering visitors a distinctive opportunity to gain a first-hand look into ReWa’s wastewater treatment processes. This feature is part of a revitalization effort at ReWa’s old wastewater treatment plant. The vision is to educate the community on how wastewater is treated and recycled.

From the beginning, we collaborated with KCI and Waterspirit as a design-build team to address anticipated challenges. The project team identified the following challenges: location of existing water utilities for connection to the water feature, work around existing utilities, identification of abandoned utilities/and or structures, and coordination of construction activities around previously scheduled events for the campus. All project stakeholders collaborated from day one to facilitate a clear understanding of the scope, and to mitigate the risks associated with potential challenges.


  • 2024 DBIA Southeast Region, Design-Build Project Award