Pioneer Water Treatment Plant

Fair Play, SC

Pioneer Rural Water District
Delivery Method
Design-Bid-Build with Significant Value Engineering

Project Description

Harper was selected for the construction of a 3MGD membrane filtration plant, raw water intake/pump station, and raw water transmission main connecting the plant and the intake. Post-bid, Harper provided significant value engineering options, moving the project closer to completion. The water plant included Evoqua membrane filters, backwash and clean in place systems, and a chemical feed system with an onsite hypochlorite generation disinfection system. The treatment facility also houses high service finished water pumps, a 1MG pre-stressed clearwell, flocculation equipment, MRI plate settlers, residual handling lagoons, and plant control systems. The raw water intake on Lake Hartwell was constructed using a 35’ deep x 16’ diameter gravity caisson and tunneling installation with 560LF of 30” raw water intake pipe. Vertical turbine pumps conveyed the raw water to the water plant through over 10,000LF of transmission line. The raw water intake features a gravity caisson raw water intake. A unique feature of the project, this approach to the intake limited work in the water and did not impact lakefront views. The treatment plant includes a 1MGD pre-stressed clearwell and an administration building that also houses the pipes, pumps, and chemicals involved in the treatment process.


  • Harper worked with the design team and owner to develop the joint administration/treatment building using virtual building models. The Harper team illustrated tank placement and pipe layout to show the owner the proposed facility and help identify conflicts before buyout and construction began.