McCormick Water Treatment Plant

McCormick, SC

McCormick Commission of Public Works
Delivery Method
Design-Bid-Build with Significant Value Engineering

Project Description

Harper was selected for the construction of a new 3.7MGD Greenfield water treatment plant at an existing site. The project involved a phased construction plan to allow for maintenance of plant operations during the construction. At the original WTP, an existing water tank used for storing drinking water on site before sending for distribution was converted to a backwash waste holding tank while the existing plant was in service. This process involved extensive coordination so that the conversion of the tank did not disrupt the flow of clean drinking water. Our team was able to deliver a new 600,000 gallon clearwell tank as part of the new WTP early to serve as an area to hold the drinking water while we brought the backwash waste holding tank online.


  • Our team provided significant value engineering cost savings back to the owner at the end of the project.
  • 2022 Carolinas AGC Construction Excellence Award