Greenville First Nazarene Church

Greenville, SC

Greenville First Nazarene Church
Delivery Method

Project Description

On Christmas night in 2022, sprinkler pipes in the church froze and burst, flooding the upstairs and downstairs of the church. Roughly 17,000 sq ft of damages were sustained. The church immediately had a restoration company come out to clean up water, remove moisture, and demo out much of the damaged material.  

Within a week, HarperXS was on-site quoting the work. We won a competitive bid and were awarded the job. The job started as a classic water repair job, this was to include drywall replacement, baseboards, ceiling tiles, and paint. As the job moved along, the church wanted to add some renovation work to the scope, this included moving walls, adding walls, even creating a couple of exterior openings.  

This project presented some challenges that we were able to overcome. The schedule was a big challenge for this job, the church needed a functional children’s area by Easter, so we had to push schedule to make this happen. There were six change orders over the course of the job, so being able to keep the documentation and contracting fast was required to keep work moving. We also worked to coordinate scopes with contractors hired directly by the church, as well as coordinating our own workforce. 

At the end of the project, we were able to keep schedule, enhance the space for the church, create a new relationship, and come out with a generous profit. The church was very satisfied with the work put in place.