Bethel Hanberry Elementary School

Blythewood, SC

Richland School District Two
Delivery Method
CM At-Risk

Project Description

Harper was selected as the CM At-Risk to build the new 141,000 SF school on the existing active campus of the Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School in Blythewood, SC. Once the new campus is complete, Harper will demolish the existing school.

The expansive new school will be able to occupy up to 750 students beginning with Pre-K through 5th grade. Utilizing innovative BIM technology, our team “built the project twice.” Having the project model not only allowed us to coordinate better with stakeholders and the project team but significantly increases our ability to avoid design issues when we went to construction.

As an active campus, this project has involved difficult site logistics. Our team developed an intricate phasing plan for the parent traffic loop to make sure there were no traffic delays and to avoid safety incidents. Additionally, our team has coordinated different phases of the project with the County’s academic calendar. This involved extensive preplanning and attention to delay to make this project a smooth transition.


  • 150-20% MWBE
  • VE option to switch electrical feeders from copper to aluminum
  • Electrical VE option
  • allow MC cable for concealed overhead branch circuitry.


  • 2023 A4LE Excellence Award
  • 2023 ENR Best Project, K-12 Education
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