Bandalong™ Litter Trap

Greenville, SC

Renewable Water Resources
Delivery Method

Project Description

After heavy rain led to a significant buildup of litter around the Conestee Dam and the ReWa campus, ReWa started looking for solutions to achieve their goal of a litter-free community. The Bandalong is specifically designed to capture floating litter and debris in waterways, preventing it from moving downstream. The trap has no impact on the waterbody’s hydraulics, nor does it affect aquatic life or wildlife.

In May 2021, the Bandalong Litter Trap was installed in South Carolina with the help of ReWa’s community partners. This innovative litter trap, the first of its kind in the state, collects an average of 30,000 pounds of trash annually. When it was installed, this particular Bandalong was one of only 28 in the entire United States.

Originally placed in the Reedy River, the Bandalong was relocated to a new location with the support and assistance of the HarperXS team.