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Today, groups all over the country are coming together to educate their communities and find solutions to combat a rapidly changing climate and aging infrastructure. For most people, the systems that bring us the valuable resource of water are generally reliable and remain out of sight, out of mind. For others, a day without water is a frustrating reality with seemingly few solutions, and for others their solutions are aging and will eventually fail. Some communities don’t have the monetary resources they need to upgrade their water and waste-water facilities.

Did you know that two million Americans are living without access to drinking water and wastewater services? This day serves as a reminder to all Americans that not all of us have access to the same basic life solutions. Odds are that you have never thought about where your drinking water comes from. What about where your wastewater goes? We would like you to take action by learning about the systems that deliver water to your homes and businesses each day.

Water and Waste-Water Treatment Plants play a large role in keeping America’s water supply easily accessible. The infrastructure it takes to receive the water, clean the water, and send it to your homes and places of business is a complicated and quite dynamic system.

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According to the 2021 Annual Value of Water Index, a majority of Americans across all demographics support a strong investment in our nation’s water infrastructure. A bipartisan agreement can be a rarity, but in this case, most people agree that reliable water service and supply are crucial. Meaningful investments in our water systems would provide access to quality water for everyone, resilient infrastructure, and more jobs. In fact, closing the water infrastructure investment gap would increase the GDP by $4.5 trillion over 20 years.

As an individual, you may wonder where you fit into ensuring a day without water doesn’t become a reality in your community. It’s a daunting task, but our collective voice can make a real, lasting impact.

The truth is that our voice helps bring awareness by sharing what we know; education is key. Take some time to learn about local water sources and what your water and wastewater utilities are doing to invest in your community. Consider joining like-minded people and reach out to decision-makers and find where they stand on investing in water infrastructure.

No matter your reason for participating in Imagine a Day Without Water, continue the conversation with your friends, family, and co-workers about the value of water. A day without water doesn’t have to be inevitable. Let’s work toward a reality in which a day without water is something we only imagine.

Harper serves to help bring life to growing cities who are expanding their water and waste-water needs. We see this as an incredible opportunity to make sure the lives of Americans continue having this vital resource.

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